Adam Terry
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General Information
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Status Alive
Family & Friends
Family Father (unnamed)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) Resident physician,
Saint Ann's Hospital
Other Information
Aliases Dr. Terry
Education Unknown medical degree
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode "Pilot"
Last episode "Pilot"
Portrayer Rami Malek

Doctor Adam Terry is a resident physician at Saint Ann's Hospital.


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  • Bo (patient)

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Season 1Edit


Dr. Terry is seen by Bo as he his trying to save a dying patient. The man dies, leaving Dr. Terry questioning his abilitles as a doctor. Later, he is shown checking in on Bo as he appears to be the doctor assigned to her. She tells him that the death of the patient was not his fault, and says that he will save the life of a person named "Senga". Dr. Terry is confused and disturbed, saying he does not know anyone named Senga. 

After Bo is transferred to a different room, Dr. Terry goes home and tries to speak to his comatose father. Meanwhile, Bo found his adress and after an intense fight in which Tate is shot, she takes him to Dr. Terry's house. While treating Tate, Bo seems to read Dr. Terry's father's mind and tells him that his father loves and believes in him. A shocked Dr. Terry recieves a call from the hospital telling him that there is a woman in critical condition named Agnes. Dr. Terry saves her, and while in the patient's room he sees that Agnes's name spelt backwards is Senga. He smiles, knowing that Bo's prediction was correct and regains his confidence as a doctor.

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