Elizabeth Ferrell
Believe-Wiki Elizabeth-Ferrel 01
General Information
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Status Alive
Family & Friends
Family Sasha (Daughter)
Employment Information
Occupation(s) FBI agent
Other Information
Strengths FBI training
Education FBI Academy
Series Information
Season(s) 1
First episode "Beginner's Luck"
Portrayer Trieste Kelly Dunn

Agent Elizabeth Ferrell (Trieste Kelly Dunn) is a secondary antagonist in the NBC series Believe.

Background Edit

Ferrell is an FBI agent working with, but not for Skouras in an attempt to apprehend Tate and secure Bo.


Roman SkourasEdit

Despite having the same goals, Ferrell is often at odds with Skouras over methods. While Ferrell only wishes to secure a normal life for Bo, Skouras wishes to use her for his personal goals. Skouras is also critical of Ferrel using FBI methods that would be effective in catching escaped convicts like Tate, but not for people with special abilities like Bo. Over time, Ferrell also begins wondering if there is more going on than she knows.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I put an AMBER alert on a child and I don't know who her parents are, that puts me at a huge disadvantage."

Season 1Edit

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