The Orchestra Project is a shadow organization run by Roman Skouras which is intent on exploring psionic abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy and clairvoyance, etc. He says they occur because of a "single gene inherited from the maternal line".(Origin) The facilities are located on 200 acres of private ground which contains living quarters, practice facilities and laboratories. (Prodigy)They also track and desire to control those who display such abilities such as Bo Adams, Joshua Carpenter, Jacob Eckstein, Shawn and Danni. Skouras wants to weaponize telepaths and sell their services to the U.S. government.

Dr. Zoe Boyle is the head researcher and replaced Dr. Milton Winter. She assists in experiments to increase the abilities of those with telepathy and telekinesis.

Winter left the center with Bo after seeing Skouras' ruthless behavior in her telekinetic training. Now he is on the run, desperate to keep her away from Skouras.