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Season 1 of Believe premiered with the Pilot episode on March 10, 2014.



Episodes Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Season Episode # Series Episode #
Believe-Wiki Pilot SS001 "Pilot" March 10, 2014 1 1
The episode begins with main characters Bo and Tate being introduced to viewers, and then to each other. Winter and Channing settle into their support roles in the team behind keeping Bo safe. Moore and Skouras are established as the main antagonists of the show. Background details for both Tate and Bo are revealed, as well as a somewhat vague framework for the direction of the series. Read more >
Believe-Wiki Beginners-Luck SS001 "Beginner's Luck" March 16, 2014 2 2
Bo and Tate wake up on the bus in Atlantic City, where the police have stopped the bus looking for Tate. Before they can walk up to him, Bo uses her powers to send the police car straight backwards. They later have to sleep in a restroom stall, with Tate shaving his head as a disguise. Read more >
Believe-Wiki Titlecard-placeholder 01 "Origin" March 23, 2014 3 3
Winter reluctantly meets Skouras, at his request, in a restaurant where Skouras claims to want a "truce" in the interest of Bo's safety. Bo's mother, Nina Adams is seen for the first time in a flashback sequence where she meets Skouras for the first time. Winter and Skouras' initial meeting and previous working relationship are revealed, as are troubling details about the fate of Bo's mother coupled with the fact that she could potentially share this tragic fate. Read more >
Believe-Wiki Titlecard-placeholder 01 "Defection" March 30, 2014 4 4
As the dragnet closes, Tate puts his freedom at risk to help Bo find the writer of a long-lost love letter. Meanwhile, Winter makes preparations for an escape from Manhattan as Skouras and Agent Ferrel ramp up the effort to bring Tate and Bo into custody. Read more >
Believe-Wiki Titlecard-placeholder 01 "White Noise" April 6, 2014 5 5
Bo and Tate resurface in Philadelphia where Bo is drawn toward a young woman and her husband, a blogger whose unrelenting pursuit of a mysterious story is threatening to tear the couple apart. Meanwhile, Skouras takes forceful action to track down a traitor within Orchestra. Read more >
Believe-Wiki Titlecard-placeholder 01 "Sinking" April 13, 2014 6 6
With Bo, Winter and Channing in pursuit, Tate travels home to seek out the childhood friends who framed him for murder. Meanwhile at the Orchestra campus, Skouras focuses his attention on the potential of a young telepath. Read more >